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Imagine publication swiftly followed by bestseller status and royalty checks of the financial freedom variety. Well, your list is where the money is for starters. The bottom line: an email list is a phenomenal asset. As your community grows, your income grows. In fact, you can set up a basic site in about 30 minutes or less. No kidding! Your domain name is your online address—the URL where browsers will find you. If someone has already claimed your preferred domain name, consider trying variations that make the most sense for you and your readers e.

Your web host is the company that makes your site accessible on the Internet, as well as provides a control panel to install your content management system and manage various applications. In fact, BlueHost currently offers a free domain with your hosting package.

How You Can Build an Email Marketing List as Quickly as Possible

Fill in your admin information and password to access your new website. Perhaps the most exciting part of creating your author-branded platform is choosing a compelling theme you love. You now have a functioning website you can start customizing with plugins, pages, widgets, and more. Anything you add should be relevant and make sense for your brand.

Readers need a really good reason to part with their precious contact information, which is where opt-in incentives a. These incentives are enticingly great offers that provide prospects with something of value in exchange for an email address. Fortunately, you only need to put time and effort into the creation of these free offers—no financial investment is required.

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What is required is that the incentive benefits the reader in some way. What will make them commit to you? Besides being relevant, engaging, and useful, an opt-in incentive must be value-packed, actionable, and highly targeted. Many authors have a valid concern that people only sign up for the freebie.

Much of this boils down to understanding your target audience, so spend some time mapping out your buyer personas before you decide on an offering. Readers who are part of her list and invested in this epic family saga are primed for purchasing pre-orders of her next release.

Put your free offer in prominent, high converting locations. Where might those be? On Your Homepage — Some homepages are geared towards building an email list. While setting up your entire page as an opt-in form might not make sense for you, your homepage is certainly a place where your giveaway will capture attention. On Your About Page — The About Page is one of the most frequented pages on a website, making it a perfect spot for a signup form. At The Footer of Your Site — In the same vein as 4, visitors are engaged with your content by the time they reach the bottom of a page.

A free offer at the footer is highly likely to convert. On a Dedicated Opt-in Landing Page with No Distractions — A dedicated landing page gives you the space to elaborate on your offer while eliminating any distractions that might otherwise lead visitors away from the signup form. I believe you earn the right to mail more frequently by proving you are a great source of valuable information or entertainment. You definitely want to establish a routine of expectation — say a weekly newsletter or roundup, but you want to be careful not to abuse your list with every good offer you can pound away at.

One of the questions you might pose early on to subscribers is to ask how often they want to hear from you. By using proper segmentation you should be able to target certain offers to certain individuals. You may also have even more segmentation based on actions such as purchases. When doing follow up emails lean towards mailing fewer and fewer people based on a series of criteria. Simple decisions like this will allow you to talk to your most responsive subscribers without wearing your entire list down.

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No matter how great your information is, your list needs routine work. If a subscriber has been on your list for more than a year, chances are you need to look into whether or not their address should remain on your list. You want those people off your list. At least twice a year you should perform list hygiene and clean things up.

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The first time I did this I was a bit nervous. I had been building my list for years and never done any cleaning up. My response rates were dropping and spam complaints were rising. I ran a select that effectively cut my list in half. While it was hard to push the button on that one I found that after I did my open rate as a percentage soared of course, but more importantly, the number of opens and clickthroughs to content actually went up. More of my email was getting delivered and spam complaints disappeared.

So, there you have it.

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  • List Building Blueprint: Learn how to build a responsive email subscriber list.

Practice good list building and care and watch your email list engagement soar. Order your copy of The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur. Subscribe to the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast.

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The Duct Tape Marketing podcast covers everything from earning referrals to managing time and being more productive. Pre-order your copy of The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur. Using a tool to qualify subscribers. Details here. He has won numerous awards for his creative work, and he is the founder of CreativeLive, an online learning community featuring classes taught by Grammy winners, best-selling authors, and […].

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