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If philosophy is that missing element, then shorinji kempo may become popular. Shorinji kempo?

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You may have heard it mentioned as a legendary martial art or read about it in texts on judo and karate as an ancient Chinese-temple style. Thousands of Japanese practice it in more than training halls. The popularity is growing in Europe, as well, and that leads to the question, When will it come to the United States? Currently, only a handful of qualified instructors teach the art here. Ken Ohashi, a black belt, is one of them. There are certain barriers in terms of culture.

What barriers? Karate, judo and a host of other martial arts came to the United States and thrived. But a difference arises in philosophy. Shorinji kempo cannot be transplanted to America without its philosophy. America is a nation of fast food and sensationalized techniques. And Americans often lack patience.

We like to be entertained. Are we ready for a heavily philosophical martial art? The monks at the shorinji headquarters wonder.

What is Shorinji Kempo?

Yes, monks. Philosophy figures so powerfully in shorinji kempo that the Japanese government registered it as a religion.

Doshin So, the founder of modern shorinji kempo, calls this philosophy Kongo Zen. Shorinji kempo represents the physical, active aspects of Kongo Zen. It is rational and has nothing to do with mysticism or life after death.

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The ideas relate directly to the precepts of Buddhism. Accordingly, Doshin So traces the philosophy and fighting techniques of shorinji kempo to India 5, years ago.

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They were imported into China and eventually institutionalized at the famous Shaolin Ssu. The priests at Shorinji practiced kempo as a form of meditation. To them, it provided a means of spiritual training first and a method of self-defense second. For this reason, philosophy and meditation remain central to modern shorinji kempo. This year's event takes place on the weekend of July Please check back soon for a specific performance schedule.

Shorinji Kempo is a martial art which is practiced for the goals of self-defense, improved health and spiritual development. It teaches effective self-defense techniques while developing true strength based on unity of body and mind, the cultivation of a reliable self, and the development of an indomitable spirit.

What is Shorinji Kempo

The physical techniques of Shorinji Kempo exploit the use of balance, dynamics, physiology and vital points of the body, so that strength is not required for their successful use. Shorinji Kempo was initiated in Japan in by Kaiso So Doshin as a system for nurturing people with his philosophy, self-defense techniques, and educational system. It was Kaiso's teachings that each one of us should first establish our self to become confident, and then we should all help each other to live peacefully together.

Shorinji Kempo consists of self-defense techniques based on the three systems of Goho hard methods , Juho soft methods and Seiho correcting methods that branch out to a total of 25 branches.


Goho, mainly consisting of Tsuki punches and Keri kicks , and Juho, mainly consisting of Nuki releases , Gyaku reverses , Nage throws , and Katame locks , are rational techniques based on various principles and are designed to enable a person to control an opponent regardless of his physical size or power. Shorinji Kempo trains both the body and the mind. Competition or contesting strength is not its goal. Enjoy improving your techniques with your opponent while strengthening your body and mind. This is a special style of training that is only available through self-defense techniques.

This educational system, which is unique to Shorinji Kempo, aims to help you gain confidence and courage through knowing your scope of possibilities, and using such qualities to do good for others and society. Ted Uekuma.