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Institutional Subscription. Free Shipping Free global shipping No minimum order. Introduction II. Basics of Layout Design V. Semicustom Design Methodologies V. Semicustom Layout VII.

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Trends in Design Automation IX. The Foundry Interface IV. Processing V. Clean Air II. Water III. Provision of Other Supplies IV. Vacuum V. Waste Disposal VI.

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Physical Considerations VII. Personnel Efficiency IX. Bipolar Transistors III. Memory Management III. Cache IV. Pipelining V. System Timing VI. Peripheral Controllers VII. Principle of Operation II. Programming Characteristics III. Performance and Reliability IV.

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Mobility of Charge Carriers V. Product Characteristics III. Tabulation of Engineering Properties IV. Polycrystalline Silicon II. Growth Characterization III. Electrical Characterization IV. Physical and Optical Characterization V. Epitaxial Defect Characterization VI. Optical Patterning III. Multilevel Resists IV. Electron Beam Patterning V. X-Ray Resists VI. Mask Making III. Direct Writing IV. Resists V. Electron Optics VI. Raster Scan VII. Sources IV. Masks V.

Resists VI. Mask Alignment VII. Thermal Oxidation III. Leakage and Breakdown IV. Oxide Charges V. Film Formation III. Electrical Properties IV. Doping Applications in Bipolar Technology V. Etching III. Sputtering IV. Heteroepitaxy III. Grain Boundary Passivation IX. Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuits X. Purpose II. Test Types IV. Test Structures V. Instrumentation VI.

Semiconductor Testing II. Test Descriptions IV. Logic Testing V. Memory Testing VI. Testing Throughput VII. Input-Output Failures IV.

Single Node Failures V. Nonfunctional Defects VI.

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Single Event Upset VI. Chip Architectures III. Fabrication Technologies IV. Threshold Voltages IV.


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