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After all little me had the key to the future of humanity. It wasnt until I returned from my second visit to Colorado for an Alex Grey workshop in , that I realized I was having another kundalini episode. For that November I went through a four day Die-off and around that time I was experiencing such wrenching grounding that I had to lie down on the beach on my back with my legs open to the sun, to counter the excessive pull of energy through my pelvis and into the ground.

Fortunately recharging and repolarizing with the suns rays provided relief. It was apparent from the intensity of the grounding and my hearts atomic pull over to Colorado, that I was going through some very unusual chemistry indeed, and that I had better get over to Colorado, even if I didnt know what for. I wanted to obey this Force whatever it was, for I frankly didnt want to go through more of this dying, wrenching and pulling. To rationally explain my moving I decided I was going to Colorado to write a book on Metamorphosis, for surely this was what was happening.

Even though I was still very much a neophyte as to what metamorphosis actually was at that stage. During full moons in Santa Barbara I used to walk along the beach at night to taste the particular flavor of the moon and be informed by it. One full moon in particular I asked when I would see Mr. Universal and a deep silent voice within said July. In May I finally made it over to Colorado, at the dawn of a new millennium, a good year for something different.

I found a place to live without much trouble and proceeded to orient myself. My kundalini phenomena steadily heated up with heart expansions and sexual longings that often left me groaning in bed. To help assimilate the energy I walked around in nature most of the day. I was adamantly called to be outside under the open sky where I felt closer to the Mr. Universal and my soul.

The awakening energetic senses of kundalini make you realize how flat the human spirit is indoors. At sunset I would meditate on a ledge of some vertical red rocks, while facing toward the sun. I also ran in the hills, and hung on a bar from my hips. I was intuitively drawn to do nude sun meditations and put sun-heated rocks on my body to relieve energy blocks and muscular contractions. Afterwards I would jump into a cold stream to try to awake up from the bliss and right-brain trance I was inmy goal after all in moving to Colorado was to wake up.

I did these practices nearly every day for the first few months in an attempt to handle the chemistry I was experiencing and intuitively I knew I was preparing myself to meet Mr. Of course all my efforts to handle the energy only served to propagate and exaggerate the awakening I was about to have. Ten days into July things started to get really strange.

The left side of my head and brain had become significantly numb with a vice-like cramp and I had shifted even further into a more rightbrained elemental consciousness. I thought I had just pinched a nerve while using the hot rocks, as I had used one as a pillow. But no, this left-brain freeze was accompanied by the classic kundalini symptomsleft foot tingle, ecstasy, heart expansions, along with a full body rise in temperature and a permanent blissful sexual heat. One morning three days after this strange left-brain freeze began I woke up at This holy exquisite day that I had awoken to was like no other.

Everything was scintillating with white light, and there was celestial music playing in my head as I wandered through the afternoon in a very right-brained state. That evening I was to attend a book talk by a spiritual teacher and I told some friends on a web forum that I would give them a review of this authors talk.

It was early as I entered the room where the authors talk was to be held. Universal was there on the stage with his back to me. He turned around like a panther with a smile on his face like he knew I had walked into the room. You can imagine the shock, seeing him live after 24 years and me being in this utterly weird right-brain condition that I had no control over and which was somehow related to him. Note that this is indeed July that I am seeing him like the Full Moon had told me. That night Mr. Universal was cameraman at his friends book talk.

Alarmingly he proceeds to set up his camera not four feet from where I was seated. Whereupon I respond with a series of panic attacks and with each wave he sensed my panic and backed away from me. I had just read in this authors book that energy applied to counter something sets up an opposite effect, like being in the zero-gravity of space and punching forward while being bodily forced backwards. Having read this I was trying to digest the panic by moving into it without trying to counter it, as each wave washed over me.

New activity began in my prefrontal lobes from the first instant of being in Mr. Universals presence. My prefrontals had never responded to anyone else like this, nor ever will again. The following evening was the introduction of the weekend workshop that was to follow the authors book talk. So I trot along thinking I will see Mr. Universal Man and sure enough he was there playing cameraman again.

Next thing I know someone pounced their fingers on my back. I assume someone wants me to shift along so I scuffled my chair and peered back to see that it was Mr.

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Universal that had pounced. His fingers had penetrated my flesh with such love that I thought Christ himself had touched me. For days after there were little spirals of zingy energy going off at the back of my heart where he had touched. There was a Shaktipat effect from Mr. Universals spontaneous touch, however I had been heating up for 4 years prior to that and was already in full peak chemistry during the time I was in his presence.

His work and presence was the catalyst for the entire 11 year awakening and the touch was just one extra ingredient in propelling a full mature peak. We not only affect each other via kundalini when we are in each others presence, we also affect those we are close to across the globe, as well as the entire noosphere.

If one was to view spirituality from an ethical viewpoint, this is the moral imperative to get our act together. Our affect on others is much more pronounced when we are going through intense kundalini. During the workshop, while in the Universal Mans presence, the acceleration phase of the alchemy proceeded.

Biology of Kundalini | Kundalini | Alchemy

The main component of this was gratitude awesome gratitude for the privilege of being in his presence. Nearly everyone going through kundalini awakenings feels a sublime sense of gratitude as a result of the hormonal changes that occur, but mine was specifically focused on gratitude for being around Mr. It was like my entire life had come to a head. While in his presence it was a trial to just be in my body as my digestive system was purging and every pain, numbness and deadness within me was presenting itself to my awareness.

It felt also like my field had expanded and all my spiritual pores had opened up. My pelvis felt like it was expanding in the way that it does in the first few weeks of pregnancy and I sensed there was a spiral cord of energy descending into the ground from my pelvis. This was probably due to the great increase in histamine and consequent increase in Nitric Oxide, which facilitated the dilation of the uterus just as it does during pregnancy.

This is an example of extreme chemistry sparked off by the hyper activated sympathetic nervous system and uniquely amplified hormone profile. Partly because I was preoccupied by these unusual symptoms, I never got to greet the Universal man in the normal way. Had I done so I probably would not have experienced such extreme alchemical phenomena.

Due to the utter frustration of having such an unearthly attraction aborted, and my separate-self-sense challenged to the limit of endurance, all that energy went into igniting my metamorphic flame. I suspect that had there been even a simple Hello on the social level, that this tension of non-reconciliation would have been substantially reduced and the energy turned into something of a less archetypal nature. However, because of my limitations at the time a full-on kundalini awakening was all I could handle.

During the workshop there were some subtle interaction, visions and insights, but mostly I was going through unconscious metabolic preparation to plunge into the most extreme experience of my life. After leaving the workshop on Sunday evening I went to bed and the great winding up from being in Mr. Universals presence let go into the most ecstatic The spontaneous ecstasy was not just like an amplified version of normal-sex. I actually felt like I was divine, like I was a Goddesswhich I wont even attempt to describe.

From this pivotal opening, in which I was probably my most expanded or realized, the next morning I awoke to find that I had flipped into its opposite. My physiology had hyperboled into a massive autonomic shock that I call the White Shock. This contraction, I theorized years after the fact, is essential to reset the bodys metabolism and organ function into the main climax phase of the alchemy.

The endocrine system, nervous system, immune system, viscera and the energy generating processes in the mitochondria are reset through this extreme expansion and contraction. With the help of a Hakomi session to help put myself back in my body the extreme autonomic shock gradually subsided over about 3 days.

Most frequently terms

Then I went into about a 6 month period of the main transmutation phase, with symptoms gradually reducing over the next four years. The main phase cycled through a series of symptoms including: the suspension of the use of my left-brain, two Dieoffs, heart-exploding expansions, gravity warping effects, intense grounding, bliss and heat.

My huge heart at this time had a contagious effect on the hearts of others I was in contact with, so they somewhat participated in my transmutation, and complained about being too opened in my presence. I discovered I had bio-telepathic navigation to whereabouts of Mr. Universal and the sense of being atomically pulled toward him. I also spotted him around town a couple of times by unconsciously following my body bliss signals which directed me to go buy some bananas.

It happened four times. I would be off looking for bananas and there he would be right in my banana-seeking path. Universal being a slightly more edifying version of a banana fix. High stress, you see, increases potassium loss from the kidneys and bananas are high in potassium. See The Ammonia Hypothesis for more on this. During the two weeks after the workshop I wrote a few pieces in an automatic flow of the Muse on the reconciliation of the sexes, global initiations and a model for global spirituality. I also went through a chakra awakening where I spontaneously created a poem on the reconciliation of the sexes from each of my chakras, starting at my solar plexus and moving up one chakra each day.

The voice of reconciliation arising from deep within, creating a Grand Symphony of union to promote harmony between the sexes, poles, charges and hemispheres. The chakra voicing practice bought my awakening to a head, resulting in my achieving my Self on my birthday in a Silver Cord innerconjunction. After this 30 minute spinal zap, I looked in the mirror and looking back at me was an otherworldly being with bright blue luminous eyes shining with an inner light. I didnt know myself, yet I was more myself. The meeting with my initiator was a preordained factor in the sequence of my awakening that my biology was in total coordination with trans-spacetime.

Something I had intuited as a 16 year old, half a world away. Now many years after my peak I basically do inhabit a new bodymind, with new senses, new innerfeeling and Presence, for kundalini has indeed made a permanent home in my body. I passed through the confusion being so subatomicly affected by another human being to understand this kind of alchemical event as a transpersonal nonrelationship that occurs as part of the Necessity of the awakening of the global brain.

There is little material out there that people going through awakenings can really use. Having to go through our awakening blind, without knowledge or support, can create a lot of secondary effects like resistance, panic, depression and damage to the body via addictions and inertial coping mechanisms. Since kundalini is the transformative fire that burns through and transforms all illusions, blocks, neurosis, bad wiring, PTSD, and damage of various kinds, it is not advisable to try to stop it with heavy foods However many of us do try to slow it down by various means anyway, because that is what we humans doseek to control.

Believe me you will regret it if you try to back down Any inertia you place on yourself will cause damage to your organism by overworking organs with clogging foods, drugs and other devitalizing methods. It wasnt until 3 years after my awakening, having attempted to progressively rationalize the how and the why of the alchemy, that I finally grokked the role that free radicals play in kundalini.

After this pivotal eureka it was just a matter of time till I figured out the rest of the chemistry and many tools for dealing with the alchemical process of awakening. Through Grace the pieces of the puzzle came together allowing me to offer you this manual for coping with evolutions most arduous and mysterious ordeal. Since I didnt have a teacher or sangha I had to rely on my inner teacher and so the physical, mental and emotional trials of my awakening resulted in my looking within for many tools to cope with the extreme chemistry.

These are detailed throughout the book and especially in the Kundalini Skills List. There is an enormous amount of growth that occurs in an awakening and the loss of normal ego mode provides energy for the wholesale inevitable changes. Its like the organism is completely stripped and trimmed for the storm.

Its absolutely mind blowing all the factors involved and how it all comes together. Through this book I hope to do my bit to promote a science of spiritual evolution so we can participate consciously in the discovery of who we really are. He exists within us all as a symbolic figure that heralds a new beginning, and holds the promise of transformation. As deeper layers of the psyche present themselves they appear as the other-within We tend to lose the power present in the internal archetype as we project that power onto a mere worldly version.

The awesome energies and extra sensory phenomena of such a transference occur because this process is causal, and breaks through the veil that separates the conscious mind from the subconscious and superconscious. Our work of transformation is to consciously integrate the archetypal soul within ourselves in order to use its powers in the world. I think enlightenment is the process of the realization of our imperfection and the ability to act anyways with anything and all that we have got.

See Exploring the Symptoms for more detail. The risen lifeforce of kundalini creates an amplification and heightened sensitivity to both our interiors and our external world. Thus we have no choice but to face into our condition because to avoid doing so is tantamount to spiritual suicide.

The bliss and Grace of kundalini make it almost impossible to deny loveconsciousness and forfeit our existence as Spirit. To this day I find myself trying to get a handle on that Shakti and make it mine. But I cant possess itI can only be possessed by it. It either happens or it doesnt. Kundalini is operating in all of us to a degree, occasionally however it sparks up into what is known as a kundalini awakening, transmutation, metamorphosis, transfiguration, spiritual alchemy or spiritual awakening.

In this book you will see me call this initiation popping. People pop to various degrees. Some fizzle like soda, without the cork popping drama of champagne. Others pop spontaneously at 17 years like Ramana Maharishi without any prior spiritual practice. He just read a book on the lives of the saints and so identified with them that he practically instantly became one. His experience of going into death, was his ego recognizing its own demise as the Atman arose within.

Gobi Krishnas initiation was through meditation. Philip St. Romain was sparked off through prayer. Meher Baba awakened when he was hit on the head with a stone as a boy. Joseph Chilton Pearce popped in his 60s by Shaktipat from Muktananda. Some spend all their energies in resistance, preventing themselves from the Ego-death of popping at all and so never really come ALIVE and live. As Sir Francis Bacon says, I do not believe that any man fears to be dead, but only the stroke of death. The kundalini probably follows the 7 year growth cycles that Joseph Chilton Pearce pointed out.

Know that there is a lot of subterranean activity going on below the level of conscious registration. For example we can be heating up for years without being aware that an awakening is on its way. I popped spontaneously at 28 and 40 years. If we are uninformed we will not even know a kundalini awakening is upon us when it is blasting us full force to Kingdom Come. We will tend to think it is external conditions that have propelled us into a psychic breakdown or illness. We normally interpret these intense rapid initiations as some form of outer influence impacting on us, because of the sudden jump into a different state-view which doesnt appear to be the familiar us.

We are not normally aware that we have an infinitude of windows of being that we can enter and see out of. The myriad of factors that contribute to an awakening include: High altitude, air and water quality, diet, exercise, stress, relationships, degree of being on purpose and acts of generosity. Risk, adventure travel, exposure to the elements, novelty, new experiences and environments, and the breakdown of habit and torpor. Various elemental changes and shocks to the body like alternating hot and cold such as saunas and cold showers, light and dark.

Determination to adhere to soul rather than social convention, genetics, and both the good and bad conditions of ones upbringing stressors and satiety. Other factors include latitude and longitude on the earths sphere, seasons, sun and moon cycles. Chronological and biological age, spiritual practice, having to use a new set of skills. The calling of the Muse and the future time streamthat is the individual Eros, and perhaps the needs of the human species as a wholeexpressed through the psychosomatic tension of revelation, known in history as The Oracle.

It is the differential between the old and new growth that initiates the dissolution of the old brain and resurrection of the new. So a rapid growth in cognition, change I was pulled to Colorado because I could not pop at sea level, in a polluted California city. The summer of in Boulder was a particularly electrical one with a lot of dry thunderstorms.

In order to initiate a full awakening I needed that electrically charged air. Of course I was not aware of this at the time. Like a great attractor the awakening of Self itself pulls you toward it both in time and geography. Also areas with powerful tree growth such as the redwoods of Big Sur or virgin forests. Definitely the moon cycle is involved hence gravitation plays a big part. Also the solar cycle, solar flares and the solar 8 day sector changes affects biological and alchemical processes. The biofields of certain human populations would be more or less conducive to promoting awakenings depending on how gross or subtle the noosphere of the culture we inhabit.

One needs to have a certain genetic and cellular strength in order for kundalini to spark up, for it will not ignite in a body that will be greatly damaged by its arousal. Kundalini is apt to rise when we increase our vital energy and are relatively block-free, as in eating a raw diet, doing yoga and getting plenty of exercise. Often there needs to be self-initiatory psychological conditions such as devotion, excessive generosity, crisis, Shaktipat from a Guru, or the meeting a great love in order to set off the chemistry to a high degree of intensity.

Shaktipat literally means descent of grace. It is yogic initiation in which the Siddha Guru transmits spiritual energy to the aspirant, thereby awakening the aspirants dormant kundalini shakti. Mae-Wan Ho suggests that all life is connected by nonlocal field interpenetration of quantum wave functions. Shaktipat is an example of this effect; while more pronounced when organisms are in each others presence, it also operates globally and seems to have strange temporal effects also. The interpenetration of spiritual energy occurs through quantum waves, electromagnetic waves, scalar waves, light waves, acoustic waves and through the superconduction of consciousnessthat is the sympathetic resonance of oscillating systems.

To a certain extent we are all shaktipatting each other all the timewe live in a world-field of shaktipat. The impact of shaktipat, or the contagion of spirit between individuals, is endlessly interesting to both consider and experience. The dramatic psycho-somatic effects cannot be predicted but can be understood in hindsight. The book Spiritual Cannibalism by Rudi is a good account of the potential of spiritual relationship.

Like secondhand smoke, secondhand kundalini can be very disturbing for people. If their chemistry is off or heart closed, they are going to feel uncomfortable around an individual with Postmenopausal women who are not self-actualized ie: dependent types can be deeply disturbed by proximity to a younger womans kundalini awakening. As the younger womans chi will revitalize the older womans hormones thereby forcing extra growth in a body that is declining in vitality and is used to its habitual plateau.

It is unlikely to get kundalini activity from relationship breakup situations, especially of the fizzle-out kind But getting out of a restrictive or repressive relationship might cause an expansion rather than a contraction of love and this could stimulate kundalini and growth. Also unrequited, tragic or thwarted love is a great promoter of kundalini because the alchemical conditions are primed for sex and relationship but energy is not used up in sex but instead can be translated into metamorphosis. This translation of attraction into alchemy is what is known as sublimation.

Whether its consummated or not, romantic interest is a great stimulator of kundalini because it activates both the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, increases sex hormones, growth hormone, nitric oxide and macrophage activity. Thus the body is primed to pop. The symptoms of being in love such as acute senses, increased psychic abilities, creativity, wonder, awe, faith, courage, motivation to action, generosity, forgiveness, compassion etc I think that most of our assumptions of sex and relationship are apt to be either wishful thinking or defense mechanism.

Love should essentially blow our minds to a deeper reality beyond what we know ourselves or others to be. Its not sex per se that helps to trigger kundalini, its the vasodilation of the cardiovascular system, and the associated introduction of new parasympathetic levels of relaxation in the bodymind. Normally chaotic electrocardiogram spectrum patterns become coherent during positive states like falling in love.

What initiates kundalini is therefore the opening of the heart, coupled with the positive state of the mind and increased prana flow that comes with being in love.

Love in whatever form is transformational, for love is source energy. Kundalini relates to sex in that the sex hormones are the root element of the alchemical process, for you simply dont get an awakening without an elevation of the sex hormones. Also the nitric oxide that is produced in copious amounts during an awakening from the macrophages and hyperactivated nervous system Since both the parasympathetic and sympathetic sides of the nervous system are in hyperdrive one is both hormonally and vascularly opened and ready for super-sex.

This occurs during the heating phase of 2 years prior to an awakening and the 3 years of the peak phase, and especially during the 6 month apex. However I never had sex during that time so I cannot say for sure how that would be, but I would imagine its pretty damn profound depending on the partner one was with.

Since the energy of kundalini is emergent consciousness itself, it becomes increasingly hard to use it in an unconscious fashion. Itzhak Bentovs idea is that kundalini occurs through the micromotion of the body. This model postulates that various body structures can potentially oscillate in sympathetic resonance with each other leading to the production of increased magnetic currents in the cerebral cortex. Bentov correlates this enhanced electromagnetic action in the cortex with kundalini release.

Bentov looks at the body like a mechanical machine so his physics is surpassed by modern biophysics. Nowadays we are more apt to look to quantum microtubules, neuron receptors and neurochemistry for the cause, but the larger electromagnetic and resonant aspects also come into play. The HeartMath Institute has done more recent research on the oscillating frequencies of the heart and nervous system: www. The potent neurological and hormonal mix that is pumped into the body during birthing activates kundalini.

There is an increase in oxytocin to create the contractions DMT release Christina Grof mentioned that kundalini that had arisen during the birthing of her child was stopped by an injection of morphine. During the initiation stage of a full-on awakening we can assume that both the thyroid and the parathyroid glands are hyperactive. Its interesting to note that hyperparathyroidism increases the ionized calcium in the cerebrospinal fluid causing psychotic symptoms.

The parathyroid governs the extra-cellular calcium levels. It could be a unique combination of oxygen intake, hormonal levels and activation of the sympathetic nervous system that creates the initial spark of kundalini up the spine.

Kundalini: Awakening the Shakti Within with Raja Choudhury

Sudden stress or the relief of prolonged stress can bring on a kundalini awakening. Whether it is the stress of recognition of the Self though contact with a Guru or through finding a true love. When the senses are heightened because of stress, novelty, or fear, its much easier to become a mystic or feel ecstasy or fall in love. Danger makes one receptive to romance. Danger is an aphrodisiac. Stress, even the stress of new growth, might be essential to trigger hypertonality of the sympathetic nervous system, allowing kundalini to spark off. Because PTSD represents an accumulation of the suspension of the arousal cycle.

The pressure of the frozen fight-or-flight response caught in the nervous system creates an inefficiency, which the organism tries to eliminate through the complete discharge of the energy in a kundalini awakening. Thereby allowing the nervous system to heal, grow and mature. In my experience the initial spark up the spine can occur out of the blue. Kundalini can occur even quite late in life, but usually in someone who is already psychically sensitive and mystically aware. Mine occurred in association with stress and stress relief But we have to be on our edge, they dont occur in dull, satiated and ordinary periods of ones life.

My first awakening arose through stress, overt-generosity and biological precognition of my fathers eminent deaththe second through my love for Mr. Universal and the muses insistence that I write a book on metamorphosis. Though no matter what the trigger, the awakening of kundalini seems as inevitable and natural as breathing. Its as though an inexpressible question in us, an ineffable drive has been answered.

The restless search ends as we surrender to the maker and come home to our Self. Since kundalini awakening is most often just something that happens, we dont have a whole lot of say over how mature we are when it strikes. However by its very extreme nature, kundalini will force greater maturity and lucid adjustment to reality in order to survive. Along with the sense of danger inherent in the dissolving of ones known self, there is also a buoyant faith that arises from being so lit with Spirit and at one with the Universe.

Kundalini arousal and the ongoing development of the nervous system make us more sensitive to the inner and outer worlds. The self-directed force of kundalini purifies accumulated stress caused by our past habits and traumas. Friction and difficulty during awakening occur not so much from the process itself but from our conscious and unconscious interference with it due to not understanding what is going on. Kundalini burns off much of the primary reactivity imprinted from our family of origin and early life experience. With kundalini the opportunity for change is increased because our neurological slate is wiped relatively clean, but it depends on our will, faith and environment as to how far we can grow.

If we do not change our habits to reflect the Self s true interests, we will continue to rebuild the conditioned reactive self we thought ourselves to be. We spend our entire lives thinking we are an entity that was created by our parents and culture I mean they dont even know us, they only know their projections of us. The Grail of course is the true Self that is beyond all such imposition.

Kundalini is the consciousness in matter becoming more conscious of itself; therefore if one wants to evolve such an awakening is necessary. Or rather evolution and awakening simply are and we surrender to this reality or fight it. Sometimes we have a rocky time of it, because awakening is always moving through uncharted territory and because we exist in a civilization still based on fibs, repression and inertia.

If we didnt get so contracted and arrested while formingthen the kundalini would go through its cycles without fireworks, because there would be fewer boulders in the flow to create friction and damming of energy. Detoxifying is always the first thing to aim for in any spiritual endeavor and it is especially important prior to kundalini awakening.

In fact because it is so detoxifying, switching to a raw diet will probably lead to a kundalini awakening if other things are also in place. I dont recommend drug use for triggering because kundalini is hard enough to handle in itself, without trying to bring it on. Anything one does to detoxify, enliven, exercise, strengthen, impassion and enthuse will bring on increased kundalini. If you are interested in a more intimate relationship with your maker, and desire to be overwhelmed in love with the Beloved We are naturally told what to do to come into alignment with our Self.

The desire will and carry-through just needs to be there, along with the faith to proceed despite all appearances and setbacks. Prior to the obvious activation of kundalini various strange symptoms can occur years prior to the awakening itself. For example my left shin became really sore for about a year prior to my awakening. I used to rub rosemary oil into it to improve the nerve flow. Kundalini shows up mostly in the left side of the body and you know it is obviously kundalini when you feel the tingle at the bottom of the left foot. Although if one looks back one can see various warning signs, often the initial blast of awakening happens out of the blue.

That is we go from the consensus worldview and material understanding of ourselves to a vastly new universe in a matter of seconds as the energy shoots through the body like a thousand suns. Another sign that an awakening is on the way is the front of the neck around the thyroid might become painful for years prior to an awakening.

We can also experience years of painful contraction in the inner core as though a rubber band was getting tighter and tighter within us. The mind if healthy is a handy tool for integration of the transmutation. The mind, if unhealthy or weak, is increasingly disturbed by the rising of kundalini energy such that the individual becomes even less adapted to consensus reality.

Correct use of mind can perfect the body structures, open the heart, provide a strong nervous system etc The heightened psychic, insight, sensory awareness of active kundalini can make one more sane in the cosmic or universal sense than the consensus-trance of conventional reality, but more easily triggered into dramatic action as well because everything in the psyche and soma is less repressed The barrier between material and spiritual becomes more permeable and the range of our consciousness expands into regions we could only vaguely sense previously.

During heightened kundalini I have increased precognition and nonlocal information activity I can also turn on my stereo and start the CD in my sleep during high spiritual energy periods, I did it recently when I was working on a piece of writing in my dream. This spontaneous turning on of the CD player always happens at 3am, perhaps because the bodys circuits must change from sleep cycle into wake cycle and the flipping of the brain frequencies turns on the stereo.

However, it doesnt happen with light fixtures or other electric equipment as far as I know. But I have learnt to not get overly emphatic about psychic level information. For me it is just reaffirmation of the mysterious nature of the universe and consciousness. It gives me great hope for the future of humanity, however I The reason being that we cannot often act on our psychic level information in a social world that is habituated to the lower levels of connectivity and communication. Thus unless you actually live around peers that are equally psychically alive, chances are you will have to keep your psychic life under wraps.

Thus until we all approach a similar level of consciousness there will be a disconnect between worldsdue to this schism in states of consciousness. Someone with active kundalini is more elemental and archetypal, however the reduction in adaptive cognition can be so great that one cant drive a car in an urban environment. There are periods when the cerebrocortex is greatly incapacitated while the limbic and autonomic brains are hyper-activated. As the repressive mechanism of the ego is reduced during the initial stages of awakening there is a purging the primitive emotions of shame, guilt, fear, panic, paranoia, depression and self-pity.

In a hostile social environment these emotions could be catastrophic, essentially completely paralyzing effective function and aging the individual into an acute illness of bodymind. If this emotional cathartic development is suspended and not able to run its course we could end up in the funny farm. Katz writes of the! Kai is the state of transcendence. It is more than a peak experience of going beyond the ordinary self;!

As it warms up, it rises from the base of the spine to the skull where then! Lee Sannella, M. Such a rite is probably conducted around full or new moon also. Like the Sundance of the American Indians where they dance and chant for extended periods. The Kung use the energy in a holy way to tap psychic information and precognition to enhance the welfare of the tribe.

But kundalini energy can also be used in a more prepersonal Bacchian sense as well, for example Dionysian rites were first mostly undertaken by women then at some point in history the men also joined in. The women collectively gave themselves over to kundalini trance, dancing, feasting and revelry under the moon. Similarly a group of people can have an orgy and the energy can be somewhat evolutionary wasted, or they can have a joint tantric ceremony that could greatly increase the evolution of the group and community.

Why the increased numbers of people experiencing awakening? More people pop as more people pop. As survival pressures rise, the increased stress chemistry plays into creating the type of instability in which kundalini energy can ignite. Also contributing to igniting the flame is our declining metabolic strength and inferior processed diet, coupled with ever refining nervous systems as we encounter more Our bodies are making a valiant effort to throw off former trauma wiring in order to give us survival advantage in a rapidly changing world.

We essentially have to undergo these rebirths in this day and age, because the way we were formed by our parents is so antiquated that the wiring in our primary matrix is holding us back in patterns which we and culture that we have long outgrown. Our faster philosophic and psychological development of the prefrontal lobes essentially triggers this cathartic transformation so that enough change can happen in the old wiring to bring our whole being up to contemporary operational mode.

Whereas in the past such indepth change did not need to occur in the lifetime of the individual because the pace of change was so slow back then. The faster the pace of change the more rebirths individuals will have to undergo within their lifetime. People are fascinated with the idea of the origins of kundalini? Kundalini doesnt particularly start anywhere, although some people might like to blame the sacral kundalini gland for initiation.

It too simply comes under the awesome power of the global awakening of the organism. Kundalini is the cathartic synthesis of the organism-total and it doesnt really start anywhere, but starts everywhere. If one was intent on tracing back causation to find an origins point, one would ultimately have to conclude that it would have to be the Big Bang! The all-inclusive nature of sex energy prana, chi, mana, star-fire, soul, ka, ichor, inua, sila, manetuwak, oloddumare, qi, Tao, ki, aether, orgone, archeus, etheric energy, vital life-essence, vital energy, life force and quintessence has not been correctly understood by humanity!

Once kundalini is initiated it can be a lifelong process, but it is nave to think that initiation itself be the focus of our efforts. I was at no point attempting to raise kundalini. Indeed my first awakening occurred when I had no idea what kundalini was and even when my second awakening occurred I still had no idea such intensity was possible.

Thus for initiation at least I would recommend fasting, a raw diet, overt-generosity, compassionate action and adventure to be better methods of popping than ambitious preoccupation with yogic practices. However, if we dont have some form of internal arts like yoga and meditation, then we are upstream without a paddle and are battered about on the rapids with no sense of control over our boat.

That is becoming more alive and following your Muse is more likely to allow kundalini to become active naturally, and then some form of learned or self-derived yogic practice will help you handle the energy and use it for productive ends. These inner arts should be a natural part of our existence from infancy and for all the days of our lives. Ouspensky, A New Model of the Universe, Dover, Perhaps the main caution that I have discovered through my own experience and in my research, is that if you set your chemistry toward a hot-burn without also providing the resources for structural strength, detoxification and oxidationinflammation protection, then depending on your constitution, a kundalini awakening could age the body faster, might lead to cancer and in extreme cases may result in organ failure.

This is why I stress the need for preparation, metaadaptation and most importantly to avoid the lust of chasing the dragon through excessively stimulating substances, practices and experiences. There is a need for each of us to modulate and moderate our flame according to our changing ability for meta-adaptation within body, mind, soul and community.

Our modern cultural conditions such as sedentary lifestyle, removal from nature and cooked-clogging diets are not conducive to kundalini flow or awakening. This means when we do pop it tends to be explosive rather than an ongoing thread of alchemy throughout our lifetime. Still I dont think it should be the aim of spiritual practices like yoga and meditation to have a nice smooth calm awakening. Safe growth is translation not transformation. It is the machination of the ego to want to control the process of evolution, either through balance or through exaggeration of the extremes.

Spiritual practices however can tend to tame the egos resistance to the process so that less friction and damage to the organism occurs, thereby making the metamorphic process more thorough and enduring. Funny thing was in on arriving in Boulder, I was heading for the major blast and I was spontaneously doing a kundalini practice and I didnt know it at the time.

Some of the things I was doing daily were meditation on iron rocks at sunset, alternatively jumping in a cold stream then putting hot rocks on my body, juicing, running in the hills, and hanging. If I didnt do these things chances are I would not have popped so richly. We have to prepare ourselves to meet the Beloved.

This is the essential work of elevating the vehicle to receive the Self. It is the unusual nature and intensity of metamorphosis which forces respect, awareness, awe and faith. Fear and panic is unavoidable with the hyperactivation of the sympathetic nervous system and the unknown quality of what is happening and where its going. But in the end passing through this fear leaves one with such an altered physiology and deeper perspective that allows one distance from the collective fear. Only then do we have any power to dispel consensus fear and increase love in the world, for we become karma eating machines, offering cellular forgiveness.

This is the gift of bio-maturity that constitutes the Christ. Whether rocky or calm one always has the awakening specifically designed for ones own needs. Each individual is different. Some nuts are harder to crack than others and so take more force or unusual mechanisms to open. Kundalini herself will guide the way if we listen intently to be informed from within and hold lightly to our shoulds and known concepts.

During Gobi Krishnas major cycle he was Although there was very little help available for him even in India at the time , someone did tell him that if the energy goes up the right sympathetic trunk pingala that his could result in the symptoms he was experiencing, and possibly end in death. During the height of his suffering he had the intuition to concentrate on directing the current up the central channel of the spine. After success at doing this, his torturous symptoms abated and he entered a more gentle, blissful and illuminated awakening, which lasted the rest of his life.

Those who have had a childhood of abuse, neglect of dysfunction, tend to have more catastrophic awakenings because their systems are built for repression and dissociation. This is not always the case but it is a pattern. One can imagine that the more loving-touch and self-validation, the child receives the more efficiently wired their nervous system will be, and the fewer psycho-somatic and emotional blocks they will have.

But consciousness will out no matter what the formative structure. The nature of ones individual awakening not only depends on ones past history it is also determined by ones future history. That is, what one is to become and experience is already at play in ones present. In-forming us trans-temporally in ways the rational mind cannot perceive. The tree is already inherent in the seed. The future magnetically draws us toward it, almost as though the karma of the future were enacting on the present.

It seems like the more open, surrendered and evolved one is, then the more challenge one is faced with in incarnating ones soul. Because there is more at stake for the person of depth to be brought to their creative climax, as the species evolves through the successful realization of these outstanding individuals. So heres the rubthe more spiritual preparation one does, the larger the flow of kundalini coursing through one. Pranotthana is Sanskrit for intensified, uplifted life-energy. I find it endlessly ironic that the hardest thing we will ever have to face in life is the pranotthana of our Self.

Fortunately now with modern science we can largely understand the unusual and disturbing symptoms, raise our homeostatic coping ability and avoid a lot of the dangers posed by radically increased life force. Although they had traditional medicines and intuitive wisdom, the amazing Realizers of the past did not have the comfort of scientific rationality by which to understand and accept what was happening to them.

After several episodes of samadhi, Ramakrishna told his disciples that he actually feared that he would no longer be able to look after himself. Because the old has to die before the new emerges, there will always be this feeling of being completely out of our depth during some leg of the journey.

However through rational understanding, self-inquiry and reassurance from the experience of others, we can greatly reduce secondary stress, resistance and negative coping mechanisms, such that we can learn to flow with the evolutionary force, rather than fight against it. Our attitude toward being out of our depth, and toward the death of the old and how well we can accept the Great Unknown, will largely determine how well we weather our kundalini journey.

If we fight with kundalini it will harm us, but if we learn the cosmic ways of metamorphosis and fall into sublime relationship with it, trusting the very force of the power itself, it will transform our frog-self into our Royal being. The yogic traditions that were developed in response to the evolutionary urge include: Raja YogaThe development of consciousness Jnana YogaThe refinement of knowledge Karma YogaThe science of right actions Hatha YogaPower over the body Bhakti Yoga Right spiritual action, devotion, surrender. All of us need to develop and integrate these various sides of ourselves to support a positive awakening, however we will likely be drawn more toward one or another at various times of our lives.

Of course this rounded development is none other than taking care of the three domains of Being: I, We and It, which is outlined throughout Ken Wilbers work. The Integral Institute has put together a Integral Life Practice Starter Kit to help with establishing ones own integral spiritual practice. If we do not apply ourselves to developing our lives integrally then we tend to narrow our focus and become habitually lopsided real fast. Then any self-realization our awakening has given us is undermined by the lack of balanced foundation to our lives.

The amplified energies and awareness of awakening will tend to exaggerate the insufficiencies in our lifestyle and being, making it easier to see where we need to apply ourselves. During a kundalini awakening we are at a lifetime peak in pituitary potency, this raises our center of being to the psychic level, through which we have access to a vastly higher vision and taste of reality. While at that level we cannot fit our larger being down into the consensus flatland reality, thus when in this higher operational mode we become acquainted with our essential aloneness. As well as the endocrine glands, the spleen, liver, stomach-brain, and the heart-brain are radically important to the metamorphic process.

We can assume that over-utilization of the reserves in liver and spleen, combined with exhaustion of neurotransmitters, hormones, enzymes, plus the build up of metabolites are the main cause of the classic burnout effects. After the 3 year peak is over the pituitary hormones drop off and we can fall into a slump, losing our psychic abilities, inner-navigation, motivation, attractiveness and attraction to others, purpose, meaning, drive, zest etc From the heights of Everest we may drop back down to crowd consciousness and forget the power of our visions.

Book Ship Magnetism And The Magnetic Compass 1963

One thing we must be aware of during the height of our psychic peak is that while in the exhaustion phase we may become less psychic than we were prior to the awakening. As a culture when we learn to manage kundalini without excessive organic damage, we should be able to grow in a fashion that prevents blowback slumps in our functioning. We should anticipate and be psychologically prepared for a loss of physic ability after the peak, so that we do not become soul-sick from our apparent loss of depth.

Integral practice prior to awakening will deepen the integration and integrity of our hormonal base so that when an awakening occurs we can use the peaking energies and hormones to productive effect, rather than have them wasted in resistance, dysfunction and coping mechanisms. Integral practice will permanently up our baseline pituitary hormone levels so that we do not fall quite as low after an awakening. To illustrate the need for preparation I will quote a very important passage from Ouspenskys A New Model of the Universe.

Hatha yoga prepares the physical body of man to bear all the hardship connected with the functioning in him of the higher psychic forces; higher consciousness, will, intense emotions etc These forces do not function in ordinary man. Their awakening and development produce a terrific strain and pressure on the physical body. And if the body is not trained and prepared by special exercises, if it is in its usual sickly condition, it is unable to withstand this pressure and cannot keep up with the unusually intensive work of the organs of perception and consciousness, which is inevitably connected with the development of the higher forces and possibilities of man.

In order to enable the heart, brain and nervous system and also the other organs the role of which in the psychic life of man is little, if at all, known to Western science to bear the pressure of new functions the whole body must be well balanced, harmonized, purified, put in order and prepared for the new and tremendously hard work that awaits it.

I question the soundness of trying to initiate kundalini via yoga practices. Going after kundalini is like going after orgasm for its own sake, its masturbation. Saying that however, I think that only the raising of kundalini or various extreme life experiences that facilitate neuronal dissolution and regrowth , can free us from the pain-body, neurosis, trauma and the miasmas of past history that we have recorded in our tissues.

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We can never know what kundalini is like until it sparks up and in our unbalanced western bodies the fire is going to pretty much dismantle our existing life. You have to be spiritually advanced or supported in order to keep up productivity and function during the height of the flame. Everyone is going to get some downtime, some crisis, some deaththis is unavoidable during a full-on awakening. Yet to be afraid of kundalini only amplifies the dangers, for it is like being afraid of ones own soul.

Realizing that kundalini is the very process of incarnation itself, we Gabrielle Bernstein. The metaphysical text A Course in Miracles along with a lot of other spiritual practices, but this more so than any gave me the foundation I needed to heal myself, my relationships, my shame, my fear, and my spirit. More importantly, it gave me the path to my continuously evolving sense of self-love and my first real sense of freedom. Those books were great because it was the first time I had experienced a woman who I felt was somewhat relatable in terms of life experience, who talked about being addicted to Subway.

However, I found the books impractical, in terms of applying her teachings in any meaningful way. That changed for me when I discovered May Cause Miracles , a day guide to releasing fear. This book, while simple, and admittedly not wholly deep, was what served as my training wheels to spirituality and self-love. For forty days, after practicing the lessons offered, listening to the accompanying guided meditations , and diligently doing the work, I was by all accounts transformed.

Since then, I have gone back to it again and again. I can't recommend this book and this work more. I implore you to give it a go, ride the resistance, and allow the subtle shifts to work in your life. The Bottom Line: This is a great book to use to begin to move out of fear, and to make small shifts in your daily life that will lead to happiness. Ann Dowsett Johnston. This book has my heart for two reasons.

First, Ann Dowsett Johnston's eloquent and heartbreaking story of her descent into addiction and her recovery from it is one of the few memoirs on addiction that left me inspired, not gutted. Her insightful and elegant description of her own battle rests close with my own experience. Second, Drink does something no other book has yet been able to achieve: bring to light the breathtakingly devastating epidemic of problem drinking and addiction to alcohol among women. Tracing her own story and conditioning towards alcohol in a society that increasingly glamorizes drinking and sweeps the consequences of it under the rug—a society that makes wine marketed to mommies and then arrests them when they pass some invisible line between socially acceptable and morally reprehensible—this book will leave you with a deep appreciation with what has gone wrong, and what needs to change.

The Bottom Line: Read this book to gain a deeper understanding of why addiction to alcohol is a growing epidemic among women, and for Ann's beautifully told, relatable story of addiction and recovery. Many Roads, One Journey. Charlotte Kasl, Ph. It was the claiming of power, the taking up of space, the drawing of boundaries, and the development of self-trust that helped me heal; this book explains why. The Great Work of Your Life. Stephen Cope. It is my sincere belief that one of the largest causes of addiction is disconnection from who we are, and the abandonment of our essence and unique purpose.

For me, this was absolutely true. I spent my life working towards becoming an ideal that society had deemed socially acceptable: a corporate job that paid well, and health insurance. I had completely departed from my sense of purpose in this world, my natural gifts and talents and creativity, and this is what was at the root of my suffering. Cope begins his book with two haunting quotes. The first, his own: "You will know how to act when you know who you are. Thomas : "If you bring forth what is in you, what you bring forth will save you.

If you do not bring forth what is in you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.


The preface of this book is that we each have something to contribute, something to share, that is unique to each of us. And that in the world we live in, which places importance on power and materiality, most of us have gone astray and lost that spark, that knowing, that connection to our essential self.

He demonstrates through countless tellings of famous and infamous figures—from Gandhi to Harriet Tubman to John Keats to Walt Whitman to Henry David Thoreau—the nature of this struggle to find out who we are and what gifts lay buried deep inside. If I were to point to ten of the most influential books I have ever read, I would point here first.

It's that good. It reminds us that we are not alone in this struggle, that great people who are glorified in history as knowing who they were started as terrible, confused messes, and the power of finding our purpose in a world that almost works against this feat. It will leave you empowered, enlightened, and with the itch to go deep and find out why you are really here.

An essential journey for those of us who can't settle for not being ourselves anymore. The Bottom Line: Purpose is paramount to a successful recovery. Read this book to be inspired by stories of great people who have started as big huge messes and done great things. Debbie Ford. If I've said it once, I've said it 1, times: I wish I had read this at the beginning of recovery.

I found Debbie Ford's work in mid, right as I was starting Tempest, and at a personal crossroads: I had done a lot of self-work, had come to this glorious peace within myself, and then lost it, spiraling into a depression that I was certain I should no longer be subject to. The primary cause of this suffering was that I was sure now that I knew how to behave and was all spiritual, that I shouldn't still have human qualities.

I shouldn't be a bitch, shouldn't be jealous, shouldn't feel inferior, shouldn't feel shame, shouldn't, shouldn't, shouldn't. I was holding myself to an impossible standard even Jesus would find difficult. Reading The Dark Side was my first introduction to the shadow—that part of us that we repress and disassociate from because it's too painful to accept as part of who we are. Reading this book took off the blinders and allowed me to see the places in me that I weren't letting be the stuff I didn't like and to accept these qualities and integrate them into the picture of who I actually was.

It let me be okay with the gossiper, the bitch, the judger, the procrastinator, the sloth. Further, it helped me understand on a deep level that the qualities I abhorred in other people were reflections of this shadow part of me, and the qualities I adored and admired in other people were, too. It helped me to navigate exceedingly difficult relationships, and also harness them for growth.

Bonus, it helped me get in touch with some of the beautiful qualities I was blind to: for instance, my obsession with Susan B. Anthony and Gandhi was more personalized once I understood that it was fed by a recognition of something in them and their work that was alive in me. The Bottom Line: This book helps us to integrate the positive and negative aspects of ourselves - which is ESSENTIAL in recovery - and gives us the tools to use our most difficult relationships to our advantage, and our admirations of others to uncover our own greatness.

Meditation as Medicine. Dharma Singh Khalsa, M. While I've practiced yoga since and desired to become a teacher, it wasn't until I found Kundalini yoga that I took the leap and got certified. The primary reason for this was because it had been so powerful in my own recovery from addiction, I wanted to learn as much as I could about it for my own evolution, and to also teach others struggling with addiction.

There is a reason that Kundalini works in recovery— it is dynamic and it incorporates not only typical asanas postures you would find in, say, a hatha or vinyasa class, but also finger positions mudra , sound and chanting, single-pointed focus meditation and breathing pranayama. Combining these aspects makes it the kale of yoga and meditation: a little of it goes a long way. This book not only explains the benefits of Kundalini yoga, but is written by a doctor, and ties these benefits to specific body systems. Of the over 20 manuals and books I have read on Kundalini yoga, no other book comes close to grounding for the average reader the powerful effects of Kundalini yoga on the healing of the body and mind.

Khalsa does not go into discussing addiction specifically, but we can understand from our other readings and explorations which body systems are affected by addiction the brain, specifically the limbic system, midbrain, and cortex; the endocrine system; the nervous system and make the connection. BONUS, it has a lot of great exercises and practices. The Diet Cure. Julia Ross. Nutrition is one of the most neglected pieces in recovery from addiction, which actually means that we make recovery much harder on ourselves than we need to.

Most likely, our nutritional deficiencies played a role in why we initially reached for alcohol or drugs in the first place—most of us who struggle with chemical dependency started with brain chemistry imbalances neurochemical imbalances , blood sugar regulation issues, hormone irregularities, and poor digestion. Our substances of choice most likely temporarily alleviated these symptoms but exacerbated them at the same time.

When we are in recovery, especially from alcohol, we are almost certainly dealing with a liver that needs detoxifying, blood sugar that needs regulating, neurochemicals and hormones that need balancing, and a gut that needs resetting. This is by no means an easy thing to do - trust me on this. One of the things I did early in my recovery was read this book, and also implement some of the protocols. I think it's imperative you at least start to understand the concepts illustrated in Julia's book. This will help you with cross-addiction to sugar and unprocessed foods, for example and implement small changes based on very specific symptoms there is a diagnostic test for various conditions, and paired protocols for correction.

You can read a bit more about my own sugar addiction here. The Bottom Line: You are most likely suffering from compromised physical health, and incorporating nutritional changes early on can help you manage a happier recovery. Start by reading The Diet Cure, and educating yourself on neurochemicals, blood sugar issues, and hormonal issues.

If possible, implement some suggested protocols. The Talent Code. Daniel Coyle. This is kind of a strange one to include, but I am because it taught me one of the most important lessons on this path: That we grow and evolve our abilities not by staying in the soft place, but by reaching just outside of our comfort zone and current capacity. When we struggle and stay with the struggle like, when we struggle with overcoming an addiction we are not just merely surviving , but are actually growing in our struggle.

In other words, this book presented to me the concept that breaking addiction isn't just about making it through the discomfort to get to the other side, but rather looking at the discomfort as the key to my evolution as a human being. As a key to developing new neural pathways, new talents, new strengths. This is something that not only served me in believing I CAN change but also believing that I could do other hard things, too, like sitting in meditation for 8 hours, like starting my own business, like writing this blog.

This book is the foundation upon which I lean when I want to retreat, stop, halt. When I think I can't, when I think I shouldn't, when I think things shouldn't be this hard, I am reminded by the lessons learned in this book that anything worth doing is done in the fire, not on the beach. That it should be hard. That struggle is just another way of learning the things we are supposed to learn. The Bottom Line: Read this book to understand that good things happen when we are put to the test, and to flip your perspective on the struggle from something that is a curse to something that is the key to growth and evolution.

Awakening Joy. James Baraz. Last, but oh so not least, one of the most influential books I have read on my path, written by one of the most influential men on my path: Awakening Joy. It is safe to say that somewhere around the age of 15 or 16, I lost my spark—that childhood wonderment that I had felt so infused with all but disappeared as "real life" began to unfold—my parents divorced, my dad came out as gay, my mom went back to school, my sister moved out, I found pot and alcohol.

I remember thinking that this loss of wonderment was natural. I thought: At some point, we all lose our joy. This is what growing up is all about. This book changed that for me, reminding me that joy is not something reserved for small children who don't yet know about nuclear weapons, racism, economic disparity, mortgages, homophobia, addiction, murder— but something that is available to all of us, all of the time, no matter what. Joy is our birthright. I have to say that had I not spent time face-to-face with James at a retreat, or tapped into what he was talking about, I probably would have thought his book was a bunch of BS written by an old Berkeley hippie who drives a Prius.

But I did meet James, and he was joyful, and he did get me to find that place in myself, if for only a moment. And so, I took it seriously. This book not only taught me the importance of joy and how to tap into it, but gave me the incentive to incorporate joy into my everyday life. Very early on, due to the principles taught in this book, I started waking in the morning and dancing, singing in the bathtub, skipping on the sidewalks, practicing laughing yoga, shaking my booty, and basically doing anything in my power to create a profound sense of joy.

Without this piece, I dare say things wouldn't have been so beautiful and big. The Bottom Line: We all lose our joy at some point, and for those of us suffering chemical and substance addiction, recovering our innate joy is part of the process.