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Athletic Shorts

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Athletic Shorts: Six Short Stories

How to download english to tamil translator. Ang cute ng ina mo The picture of dorian gray best quotes. He has won three lifetime achievement awards for the body of his work: the Margaret A. ISBN - On the Content tab, click to select the Enable JavaScript check box. Click OK to close the Options popup. Refresh your browser page to run scripts and reload content. Click the Internet Zone.

If you do not have to customize your Internet security settings, click Default Level. Then go to step 5. Click OK to close the Internet Options popup. Chrome On the Control button top right of browser , select Settings from dropdown. We follow him in one day of school and he tells us what he goes through and how he feels about all of the people that he sees there at school. The last story is about a boy who has just graduated who is an excellent runner and is going off to college on a cross country scholarship at the end of summer.

The man confesses to him that he has AIDS and that he has been disowned by his own family and has come here to seek love from his uncle. The boy is uneasy about this because no one in their small town has been heard of having AIDS and he is unsure if he will catch it just from being around him. His friends threaten to not hang out with him anymore if he starts hanging out with a gay man with AIDS.

The man goes to the hospital and his friend catches him there and he is immediately scared that his friends will think he is gay too and that he has AIDS. I liked this book because it was different to see all of the different stories in one book. To me, it seemed like all of these boys could have attended the same high school.

From previous books I have read or shows that I have seen the athletic people always appear to have it together and do not have problems in their lives. I think this book shows that athletes are normal people and deal with drama in their lives just like everyone else. I would say this book would be appropriate for high school students, starting at ninth grade, maybe even eighth.

I would recommend this book for boys who are in or are interested in sports. Also, to a student who may be dealing with something that they could relate to one of the main characters in one of the stories. For instance, if one of their parents is gay, or if they have lost their parents, or if they are just want or need something to read and they seem less interested in other topics. Jun 01, Melissa rated it liked it. Great for my teen boy students. Oct 31, Logan Culbertson rated it it was amazing.

Really good, some deep moments, good to read with a group. May 21, Aadithyaa rated it really liked it. The short stories are very interesting and enjoyable but I think that some don't have the greatest of endings or are cut short. May 24, Annette rated it really liked it. Powerful stories worth reading. Nov 17, Frances rated it really liked it Recommends it for: teens.

He also states, that in his other books he lets the reader choose how the story ends. The short stories in this book are about people and what happened to them before or after the book was written.

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The person telling the story is Angus. I think Crutcher wanted Angus to be from this time period and his situation is like how teens get treated in school now, unlike how they use to. This book was very engaging and interesting to me. I think the way Crutcher ends his books is very interesting on how he lets you pick what happens at the end and if it turns out good or bad. Sep 11, Adan rated it really liked it. Copy and past your book review in this space: Have you ever wanted to relate to someone or something?

Each of these fun exciting shorts tell a story with a different theme and moral. These include embarrassing familie Copy and past your book review in this space: Have you ever wanted to relate to someone or something? These include embarrassing families, excessively tough fathers, getting the girl, differences, and loss of close family members. In addition to having a moral, all of these stories involve sports as well as the average teen drama. Wrestling, football, fishing, swimming, and fencing are all sports in this sweaty, tiring book.

One of the stories is about a boy named Angus Bethune.

Angus is an ordinary kid who plays football. Except for a few things, he is completely normal. For one he is overweight, towering over the other kids in both height and weight. Secondly of all his parents are extremely, embarrassingly perverted. All of the main characters have interesting stories. Johnny is pushed to the limit by his competitive, and sometimes abusive dad. Petey is embarrassed about being beaten by a girl.

Lionel has to overcome the death of his family. Louie has to deal with a friend with AIDS. All of these boys learn from their beautiful but hard adventures. In my opinion, this book was a pretty good book overall. It was fun to read, intense, and nicely written. However, the book did seem to lack what I thought it would have more of. The title, Athletic Shorts, gives the impression that what you are going to read is going to be all about sports. After reading the book, I noticed that some of the stories had almost nothing to do with the sports.

That disappointed me a little bit. I think that this book is good for teens, ranging from This is definitely a book for teens. It has some sex references and some bad language. As I read this book I felt motivated to work harder. I wanted to get better at, not only sports, but things in general. Some stories were very sad, and made me respect what I have. This book has strong female characters, and good messages in almost every story. Sep 11, Elizabeth Harty rated it really liked it. In the compelling novel by Chris Crutcher, Athletic Shorts tells six different stories about six different struggling teens.

As they investigate the hardships of life, the boys struggle to find out who they are and what they stand for. In Athletic Shorts, real life situations of love, tragedy, bigotry, and death are portrayed. From bullying, to finding out your friends has AIDS, to learning your best friend killed your family, these kids have it rough. In fact, help is much closer than they think. While reading this book you investigate the lives of kids who are struggling with finding themselves, and learning to deal with the mess that is called life. After reading Athletic Shorts, I feel like my life changed and I had gained new knowledge on real struggles that people face around the world.

While reading this captivating book, I felt inspired by the realness of the characters and their stories. I believe that the author did a great job of using a lot of emotions and diversity of situations. As six different stories are told by six different kids, each chapter brings you a new perspective of difficult situations. While reading this book, I learned a lot of life lessons. The structures of these stories are also very good, and have many good quotes that relate to the text and help make the stories come to life. Another memorable part of this book is a conversation by Lionel and Mrs.

Athletic Shorts was a fantastic book, and I highly suggest it. Aug 04, Kellee rated it really liked it Shelves: teen-ya , short-stories , sports , realistic-fiction , lbgtq , bullying. This collection of short stories are often found on the ALA challenged book list. It has been challenged because it has a story that has an 18 year old boy befriending a man with AIDS, because it discusses homosexuality and because of its language. Chris Crutcher, though, is an expert at what he does-writing about reality. He said, "They think kids should not be exposed in print to what they are exposed in their lives.

But I believe what I believe, so I write my stories. I, personally, find it spectacular that such a contemporary set of short stories was published in ! Throughout these 6 stories we follow 6 different young adult males that are facing some daunting situations. Angus doesn't fit in and neither does his family, Johnny has a tough father, Petey was forced into facing a girl at a wrestling match, Lionel lost his family in a boating accident and is now an orphan, Telephone Man is a racist that may have found the light, and Louie is a boy faced with his own prejudice.

Crutcher, through these fantastic short stories, takes us through these situations with grace and realism. Do you think girls would find this novel as friendly as boys would? All of us prejudge people on some basis, be it race, sexual preference, height, age or any scores of categories we use to make ourselves seem superior when we are, in fact, feeling inferior. What age do you feel it is appropriate for? Now this book is not purely LBGT, but includes stories that could be categorized as such. How do you think it was accepted at the time of publication? Sep 11, Conor rated it it was amazing.

Imagine if you had to make a decision between two things, and both could ruin your life. Athletic Shorts is an inspiring fiction book written by Chris Crutcher, and it tells the stories of six different athletes and their personal struggles. Angus has intense feelings for a popular and pretty girl named Melissa. He believes he has no chance with her. The Winter Ball is happening, and Angus is nominated to be king along with his crush Melissa. Angus realizes that if he chooses to attend he will be embarrassed, and if he chooses not to attend he could be humiliated.

This is a story of bravery, and it brings up very important themes such as body image and social perception. It is also very relatable for teenagers because they deal with these things on a day-to-day basis. It is similar to the other short stories in the book because they all tell the stories of athletes with some kind of emotional struggle. In the end, will Angus choose to stay home, or be the Winter Ball King? This is because the story uses very descriptive language which brought the characters and their feelings to life.

I also felt like the topics that were discussed were very pertinent, because they were similar to things that I have dealt with in my life. I chose both of these quotes because I think they most clearly represent the crucial themes of this book. This book reminds us that almost everyone feels self conscious at some point in their lives.

Sep 16, Nick rated it it was amazing. They all take place in different places, but they all seem the same. All of the stories are about teenagers going through their early struggles. All of them take place in small towns where sports are everything. I have chosen my favorite one to go into depth about. He lives in a small town in Idaho and has a happy family who all support him. When the story starts, his family and he are going fishing. Neal shows no sign that he is going to turn and is not even looking at where he was going.

Lionel screams and screams but his family pays no mind. Finally Lion throws himself out of his boat. He sees the mangled bodies of his family fly and the boat snap in half. He sees it over and over again. If only he had screamed a little louder The next years of his life are filled with friends helping him, living on his own, swimming his hardest to get the images out of his head, and hating the kid who killed his family, Neal. His biggest struggle is trying to find forgiveness when Neal starts to destroy himself over what happened.

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This story brings up many emotions, but mainly sadness. It comes from everywhere, when his family dies, when he has to live on his own in a rundown apartment, when Neal starts to destroy himself and Lionel stands and watches. It puts you into a world where everything horrible happens. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for lots of great, action packed stories that throws you into an exciting world for 30 pages and then throws you into the next one.

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Readers also enjoyed. Young Adult. Short Stories. About Chris Crutcher. Chris Crutcher. Chris Crutcher's writing is controversial, and has been frequently challenged and even banned by individuals who want to censor his books by removing them from libraries and classrooms. His books generally feature teens coping with serious problems, including abusive parents, racial Chris Crutcher's writing is controversial, and has been frequently challenged and even banned by individuals who want to censor his books by removing them from libraries and classrooms.

His books generally feature teens coping with serious problems, including abusive parents, racial and religious prejudice, mental and physical disability, and poverty; these themes are viewed as too mature for children. Other cited reasons for censorship include strong language and depictions of homosexuality. Despite this controversy, Crutcher's writing has received many awards.