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Journal home Journal issue About the journal. Intelligent Driving System for Safer Automobiles. Keywords: intelligent driving system , risk prediction , shared control , path planning , elderly driver , automated driving.

The Safety of Intelligent Driver Support Systems: Design, Evaluation and Social Perspectives

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Figures 0. Human mobility was revolutionized by the advent of automobiles.

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As the number of automobiles increased, streets and roads were expanded to accommodate inter- and intracity travel and rural connectivity. Concurrently, traffic regulations were developed to control orderly routing of vehicles and ensure safety. With the advancement of technology, vehicle power, performance, and travel range have improved tremendously to a level that they have even reshaped the city sprawl and the way people live today.

Throughout the years, vehicles have evolved to become sophisticated technological machines that extend mobility to leisure, comfort, luxury, sports, and, for some, an extension and expression of their image and personality.

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As with any other technology, this advancement in mobility has brought its own challenges in safety, pollution, and energy demands. As vehicles have become a necessity of life, encompassing almost every aspect of our daily lives, throughout the years various Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide.

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Introduction to Intelligent Vehicles. The Safety of Intelligent Driver Support Systems serves the training of professionals working within the transport area so that they can use this knowledge in their work.

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It will be of direct interest to transportation and traffic professionals, engineers, system designers, researchers and specialists working in automotive and related industries, departments of transport, and communication and public bodies related to transport in the automotive industry, public authorities, etc. Also students at Masters and PhD level, performing studies in the road transportation area, will find in this book a rich source of knowledge.

Teachers and trainers, both in professional training and academic education, may use the book as a basis for giving a course on the topic addressed.