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Construction industry. Investigation of the potential of hot-pressed wood in all-timber connections Chang, W. Structural design for earth buildings Heath, A. Zingoni, A. Abingdon, U. Structural design. Earth planet. Concrete blocks. Environmental impact. This authoritative book covers the latest developments in the formulation and reinforcement of concrete. The book discusses the latest types of reinforced concrete and reinforcement, it includes chapters on hot weather concreting, cold weather concreting and the use of recycled materials in concrete.

Condition assessment of aged structures ISBN In-service structural systems are subject to age-related deterioration, leading to concerns regarding maintenance, health and safety, environment and economics. This book provides an invaluable source of information on structural assessment techniques for marine and land-based structures and offers professionals from a broad range of disciplines a better understanding of current practice, how to apply the latest advanced design and development technologies in condition assessment, and likely future trends.

Chapters are grouped in five broad themes: current practices and standards for structural condition assessment; fundamental mechanisms and advanced mathematical methods for predicting structural deterioration; residual strength assessment of deteriorated structures; reliability of aged structures; and survey, inspection and maintenance. Please confirm which subject areas you are interested in.

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