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Effective writing instruction

University of Minnesota Online Grammar Handbook : A comprehensive and organized set of web links to grammar and editing tips for nearly every writing issue you could think of, from basic mechanics to writing conventions in different disciplines. Colorado State writing guides : A list of writing guides for students, including essay revision and editing tips. Special Dictionaries Englishpage.

Longman Dictionary Online : Free, full dictionary search for words along with countable vs. Aloud , All ready vs. Already , All right vs. Alright , Altar vs.

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Alter , All together vs. Altogether Homonyms often cause confusion. Quotation Marks? Hundreds of Additional Quizzes at Your Fingertips Subscribe now to receive hundreds of additional English usage quizzes not found anywhere else! Take interactively or download and reproduce the quizzes. Get scored instantly.

  • Purdue OWL // Purdue Writing Lab.
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Find explanations for every quiz question. A dozen new quizzes—longer and more difficult.

Scientific and Scholarly Writing

It is full of practical exercises and examples from the field of international development. A resource centre contains training materials and links to many useful websites. Writing for Change will prove useful to researchers, campaigners, scientists, fundraisers, project managers, social activists, and especially trainers in writing and communication skills.

The lead authors were Alan Barker, a specialist in communication skills, and Firoze Manji, project coordinator and Director of fahamu.

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