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More than anything I am wild about my family. I pick up my camera basically everyday and try to capture the mundane as much as the magnificent. Creativity, whether with my camera, my glue gun or my kids is essential to who I am. Under the large leaves of our backyard sycamore is where we laugh, play, create, eat, rest, dream and live.

It is where I've watched little ones go from being swaddled on a blanket to wrestling in the grass.

Chrysta Bell performs 'Sycamore Trees' from David Lynch's Twin Peaks

Under its shade is where we escape the world and welcome others. In decades to come, my mind will travel back to the lives we lived under its branches. I will be grateful for all the memories captured. Under the sycamore is where the story of my family is written. Photography has been a gift in my life.

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Likkle more under da sycamore! Baby girl I'll keep your secret for sure! Nah tell nobody SP and Tami Tell me seh yuh love mi touch Yuh know it! Yuh tell me seh yuh love mi vibe Constantly growin' See di way I love mi wicked Well yuh really love my style Show it! Yeah yuh love when I move it sexy A feelin' that yuh can't deny Girl! Mi wine have yuh lockdown Suh mi nah guh backdown Cah you waan fi touch, you waan fi feel Waan see mi spin pon di ting like ah wheel Set it! Baby meet me under the sycamore tree Baby meet me under the sycamore tree Look pon di time, waan touch a tree Any minute now baby come catch me You can meet me under the sycamore tree Baby meet me under the sycamore tree Baby let's go, go, go!

Run it away! Baby we can do this all night We can do this every night! We can do it all night Call me baby anyday! Baby let's go, go, go! She was an amazing animal. As a young dog, full of fun and adventure, she did get me into some trouble but over the years she was always there beside me. When I would arrive home late on a Thursday night, she would show her face. Earlier when Dad was alive he would say that she knew when the car pulled up at the door.

In the last few months she developed cancer of the bone, which spread to the lung and right to the last day she wagged her tail.

She was gentle and kind. Never sly or mean. Yes, opportunistic when it came to 'stealing' food. Nature is simply amazing. Leave it at that.

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