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Entitled "Geeting To Know Jesus". Unread Autographed Advance Readers Copy.

Defying Hitler: The Story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Take a look at pictures for Details Before Buying. The Amish Widow's Rescue. But it's difficult keeping up with her work, her farm chores,and her two mischievous children. Especially now that they've taken to idolizing their neighbor Elijah. In life our capacity to love and our ability to receive love is learned from those who nurture us.

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Signed see all. Yes Filter Applied. Format see all. Language see all. Adolph Hitler was obsessed with German nationalism and the racial purity of the Fatherland while Bonhoeffer became a disciple of the universal church — not just the German church. His conviction was the Church is beyond the bounds of a single culture. It became one of the great conflicts of his life. He was committed to a Church which crossed all borders and was not synonymous with nationalism of any kind. Hitler was a loner who lived for a time in a homeless shelter in Vienna and spent time in prison after a failed political plot.

It was not until he enlisted in the army that he established relationships with others. Bonhoeffer was at the center of a network of wealth, privilege, and rank. His family had access to the top echelons of German society and had family connections at every level. In August Hitler demands a loyalty oath to Hitler alone — not to the State or the office. Only to him. That same year Bonhoeffer forms the Confessing Church that demands loyalty to Christ alone — not to the Church or the State. On April 9, Bonhoeffer is hanged, stacked with other corpses and burned. On April 29, Hitler commits suicide, his body is soaked with gallons of fuel and he is burned.

After his Ph. Bonhoeffer makes the decision to move to Barcelona to be the assistant pastor of a small Lutheran congregation. He does so to intentionally. It was in Barcelona that he learned to communicate — through teaching children and people not overly interested in church or sermons. It was here that he learned to listen. In the whole world of history there is always only one really significant hour — the present.

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If you want to serve eternity, you must serve the times. The Church and Christians cannot withdraw from the conflicts in the world. They cannot wait until things are simple or pure or obvious. Imagine the rings of a tree and as you study them you can see years of growth and years of drought. Instances of fire and times of health. The whole record of the life of the tree is in those rings. It is the same with Bonhoeffer. Themes that are established early in his life here grow over time and we see them all the way to the end.

One of those is the nature of the true church and the true Christian. The true Church is, ultimately, for the sake of the world and not itself. To make a start, it should give away all its property to those in need. The clergy must live solely on the free-will offerings of their congregations, or possibly engage in some secular calling. The Church must share in the secular problems of ordinary human life, not dominating, but helping and serving.

It must tell men of every calling what it means to live for Christ, to exist for others. In particular, our own church will have to take the field against the vices of hubris, power-worship, envy, and humbug, as the roots of all evil. It will have to speak of moderation, purity, trust, loyalty, constancy, patience, discipline, humility, contentment, and modesty. It must not underestimate the importance of human example; it is not abstract argument, but example, that gives its word emphasis and power.

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Should, however, there be something in Christ that claims my life entirely with the full seriousness that here God himself speaks and if the word of God once became present only in Christ, then Christ has not only relative but absolute, urgent significance for me. Understanding Christ means taking Christ seriously. It is far too easy to base our claims to God on our own Christian religiosity and our church commitment, and in so doing utterly to misunderstand and distort the Christian idea. The church and our religion can become one of the obstacles to true belief and sometimes Christianity needs to break out of the captivity of the church.

They become intoxicated with liberal and humanistic phrases, laugh at the fundamentalists, and yet basically are not even up to their level. It is not only the superficiality of American academics that disturbs him but the blatant racial injustice toward blacks that, in his words, horrifies him. He tours the South with a friend and discovers segregated hotels, restaurants, restrooms, schools and is shocked by our treatment of blacks.

They are inferior and even dangerous. They need to be controlled and excluded. How could a country extolling the virtues of freedom, opportunity and equality tolerate such hypocrisy?

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I had seen a great deal of the Church, and talked and preached about it — but I had not become a Christian…Then the Bible, and in particular the Sermon on the Mount, freed me from that. Since then everything has changed. Until then, it had been an academic study but now it was a genuine belief in the power of the Gospel to change hearts — starting with his. Somehow he had seen something more in those churches and in those Christians, something that the world of academic theology — even when it was at its best, as in Berlin — did not touch very much. After a year in America he returns to Germany in but to a changed Germany.

It is Germany on its way to being under the thumb of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi party. But Hitler was not only street-smart. He was violent and vicious in his climb to power. When he needed to be wily he was. When he needed to kill opponents and allies alike he never hesitated. Many, while disgusted by him and his riff-raff collection of thieves, perverts, sociopaths, occultists and demented followers thought he could fill the office of Chancellor and then they could control him — and eventually oust him.

They had no idea. Hitler accumulated power so quickly and ruthlessly that everyone was surprised when he stole the office of Chancellor and demanded total obedience to the Fuhrer — the leader. He was not just a political figure now — but a religious one who fused the two in his own personality.

He was at once repulsive and charismatic. You have rescued Germany out of deepest misery, to you I owe my daily bread. Leader, my Leader, my belief and my light. Leader, my leader, do not abandon me. Surely the Nazis would have their moment, perhaps even a long moment, but then it would be gone. It was all a terrible nightmare that, come morning, would disappear. But morning never seemed to come.

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So the German people clamored for order and leadership. But it was as though in the babble of their clamoring, they had summoned the devil himself, for there now rose up from the deep wound in the national psyche something strange and terrible and compelling. The Fuhrer was no mere man or mere politician. He was a symbol who symbolized himself, who had traded his soul for the spirit of the age. Not only that but there was something of a German predisposition toward war. Should that subduing talisman, the cross, be shattered, the frenzied madness of the ancient warriors, that insane Berserk rage of which Nordic bards have spoken and sung so often, will once more burst into flames.

This talisman is fragile, and the day will come when it will collapse miserably. Then the ancient stony gods will rise from the forgotten debris and rub the dust of a thousand years from their eyes, and finally Thor with his giant hammer will jump up and smash the Gothic cathedrals. A play will be performed in Germany which will make the French Revolution look like an innocent idyll. Not only was the broadcast cut off in mid-sentence but Bonhoeffer was now on a collision course with Hitler, the Nazi party and, sadly, the German Church itself.

It adhered to a strict separation of church and state, to belief in strong government and the welfare state, and to the facilitation of nonpartisan policy making. Upon his return to Berlin in the summer of , he told his social7. George F. Zentrum became one of the ruling parties of the Weimar Republic, a compromising and reliable partner in almost all of the various Weimar coalitions. Conversation with Dr. Theresa Clasen, Berlin University. I am grateful to my tenacious research assistant, Isaac May, a doctoral student at the University of Virginia in American religious history, for clarifications on this point.

Any errors related to the above summary are solely mine. He discovered a new way of pursuing the theological vocation. In his immersions in African American Christianity, Bonhoeffer discovered a new way of being Christian. The African American Christian story came as a refreshing breeze to a theological prodigy from Berlin who found himself completely uninspired by the plodding Lutheranism of the north German plains. Victoria J. Barnett Minneapolis: Fortress, , Bonhoeffer did not write a political theology nor was he much given to discussing politics in his letters, sermons, and lectures.

He has at times been criticized by scholars as apolitical—which is an odd claim to make of one of the few ministers murdered in the concentration camps on charges of political conspiracy. Throughout the church resistance, Bonhoeffer believed that the best way to contest the Third Reich and its useful ecclesial idiots was by affirming and inhabiting the global, ecumenical church. Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works, None of us is free and whole at the mere cost of formulating a just and honest opinion.

Mere commitment to a decent program of action does not lift the curse. The church has an obligation not to join in the incantation of political slogans and in the concoction of pseudo-events, but to cut clear through the deviousness and ambiguity of both slogans and events by her simplicity and her love.

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Thomas Merton, Violence and Faith, p. Today such a complaint seems oddly quaint, for it is doubtful whether any educated American who is mildly curious has not heard of Bonhoeffer. That is not to say that Americans are likely to know much about him, let alone be familiar with his writings. They may recall that in President George W. If so, they have met Bonhoeffer where the contest to claim his legacy is the fiercest. The habit of bringing Bonhoeffer into discussions of divisive social issues is not new.