Manual Immunity

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This is also how immunizations prevent certain diseases. An immunization introduces the body to an antigen in a way that doesn't make someone sick, but does allow the body to produce antibodies that will then protect the person from future attack by the germ or substance that produces that particular disease. Although antibodies can recognize an antigen and lock onto it, they are not capable of destroying it without help.

That's the job of the T cells, which are part of the system that destroys antigens that have been tagged by antibodies or cells that have been infected or somehow changed.

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Some T cells are actually called "killer cells. Antibodies also can neutralize toxins poisonous or damaging substances produced by different organisms. Lastly, antibodies can activate a group of proteins called complement that are also part of the immune system. Complement assists in killing bacteria, viruses, or infected cells. All of these specialized cells and parts of the immune system offer the body protection against disease.

Features of an Immune Response

This protection is called immunity. Everyone is born with innate or natural immunity, a type of general protection. Many of the germs that affect other species don't harm us. For example, the viruses that cause leukemia in cats or distemper in dogs don't affect humans.


Innate immunity also includes the external barriers of the body, like the skin and mucous membranes like those that line the nose, throat, and gastrointestinal tract , which are the first line of defense in preventing diseases from entering the body. The second kind of protection is adaptive or active immunity, which develops throughout our lives.

Immune System, Part 2: Crash Course A&P #46

Adaptive immunity involves the lymphocytes and develops as people are exposed to diseases or immunized against diseases through vaccination. Passive immunity is "borrowed" from another source and it lasts for a short time. For example, antibodies in a mother's breast milk give a baby temporary immunity to diseases the mother has been exposed to.

This can help protect the baby against infection during the early years of childhood.

Chemical barriers to infection

Everyone's immune system is different. Some people never seem to get infections, whereas others seem to be sick all the time. Download Certificate of Participation. Previous Section Next Section. Follow Healio.

Adaptive Immunity – Humoral and Cellular Immunity

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